Feb 27, 2012

Chicken and Soup for the Soul

Koko Buri is our ULTIMATE FAVORITE chicken! They serve the best Korean fried chicken... well that we know of! Good thing, it's hidden away in Clark, Pampanga or we'd be stuffing our faces with chicken every payday.

Sesame Salad
The sesame dressing was pretty unique. Sarap. I swear I saw some oranges in the salad when they served it. Probably just my imagination.

Give me some more! The sweetness and lightness of the salad perfectly compliments the nagasaki soup. I kept getting the fresh oranges after every gulp of soup just to clean my palate. 

Nagasaki Champon
From a mile away, I could smell the pepper. It was good and hearty however, the pepper was just too much to handle. It can do with a cup less pepper and it will still be good. I mean, you have everything here - crab, squid, noodles and shrimp. It's the complete dish um.. I mean soup!

Quite heavy with generous portions of veggies. While it is too peppery, you can actually taste the seafood by sipping the soup alone - And that made this dish pretty unique.

Dori Dori
Deep fried battered fish. Just like fish and chips, without the chips. I promise you, you can substitute the sauce with malt vinegar.

For some reason, when we always order this dish - Laging nahuhuli. What ever happened to fresh catch of the day?! I think the kitchen is just too busy cooking  crazy amounts of soy chicken. Nevertheless, if you're a fish fan, this is a pretty worth it meal. It's about 7 fish sticks for P150! Good deal huh? But if you are rushing, don't dare order this dish! There's a pretty high chance they'll forget to serve it.

Soy Garlic Chicken
This is Bonchon times 10! It's just AWEEESOOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!

Koko Buri's chicken has some really tasty crispy skin. The taste of soy is distinct. If only it was more spicy...

Chilli Garlic Chicken
At first, it might be difficult to tell the chili from the soy chicken. If it has 
little flakes of chilli, it's chilli (duh...). While it doesn't have that flavorful soy taste, it's perfectly spicy, just as I like it.

It's soy chicken only more spicy. Not a spicy fan though, so I personally would just stick to the soy chicken. Pass the soy chicken here please...

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On the binge,
Erwin Monica

Feb 22, 2012

Breakfast After Dark

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So I don't see what's wrong with having breakfast for dinner. A pretty little place to have breakfast any time of the day, Milky & Sunny, certainly has enough bacon in its menu to satisfy anyone. We were thinking about getting pancakes and waffles but after getting stuffed at Nav just a few hours ago...

BLT Soup
You could taste a hint of bacon in the soup. But not enough to call it BLT. It does however taste refreshing due to the vegetables. It would be nice to wake up to this soup.

I am a chowder girl and this BLT soup fits the bill! its not thick and not too watery. I like the mild bacon and potato flavor.

Bacon Tostadas
Its a cool rendition of the Mexican Taco and it taste just like it too. Its .. meh. I didn't understand also why they placed nestle cream on the plate. It would have made better sense to place sour cream instead.

I liked this. It's bite-size crunchy taco with bacon. As for the cream made, it softened the salsa. It might be a breakfast thing. It somehow tastes better when you eat it with your hands than mixing it like a taco salad.

Tomaotes, Mozzarella, Pepperoni Omelette
I couldn't understand how this tastes. I know there wasn't any banana ketchup in it. But somehow I kept imagining it.

I was excited for this dish because it has pepperoni and MOZZARELLA. It also has tomato but not a big tomato fan but got it still because I LOVE CHEESE! However, the dish is a big disappointment.
The tomato just overpowered everything! it was like having tomato paste with a hint of egg. Sadly, I couldn't even taste any mozzarella or pepperoni! :(

This, like the tostada, is like any other tapsilog. Its good. But will I order it again? Maybe. Maybe not.

Not bad. Typical tapa.

We love the ambiance of the place. We will definitely try one of the pancakes/waffles next time because the person eating beside us ordered it and it absolutely looked appetizing! So much for not binging.

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On the binge,
Erwin & Monica

Feb 20, 2012

Thai Eggs in a Bowl

Nav is a nice looking little thai restaurant located in Kapitolyo. We're big fans of thai food. Se when we first noticed Nav, no discussion about trying it. We were there.

Son-In-Law Eggs
This was a surprise. We have this recipe to try some day and lo and behold it was available in the menu! All in all, it's a great egg dish.

Not too egg-y and not too tamarind-y, it was just right. The coating also gave it a fun texture. You can tell that the eggs were perfectly cooked since the yolk wasn't powdery and the edges weren't green.

Crispy Catfish and Green Mango Salad
I was craving for Crispy Catfish and Green Mango Salad for some weeks now. It was typical. It satisfied my craving. Watch out for the chillies though, chewing on one is a fun treat if you like it, but if you don't, you'd be burning your throat.

It feels lacking - feels incomplete. Thank goodness we ordered the Son-in Law-eggs! It was a great addition to the salad. I couldnt eat the salad without it!

Tom Yum Goong
I have a bench mark for Tom Yum soup and unfortunately this just did not meet my qualifications. NEXT!

A bit more sour than I would have liked, but the soup is darker and more flavorful than most. If you're interested in a sweeter interpretation of this dish, like someone I know *hint hint*, we can feature it in a future blog post.

Green Chicken Curry
The taste was lacking in something. Disappointingly, eggplants were also absent in Nav's version of this dish.

I love green curry. I am addicted to it. However - I did not enjoy this one. It was too spicy, hot and so like a red curry.

Wok Fry Squid
Typical dish that was to die for! I couldn't stop eating it. I kept getting 2 pieces every minute or so - ANG TAKAW!

It was good.

Mango Banana Ginger SmoothieTo many, they might like to stay away from this as it sounds WEIRD. But I like weird and I love trying different things.
In this instance, it paid off. I love the after taste of ginger and the sweetness of the mango. The banana just made the drink heavy. haha..

all in all - it's a great buy!

Thai Milk Tea
A bit on the stong side but I liked it.

Must Try
Son-In-Law Eggs
Definitely get the squid with the mango banana smoothie!

To get a better perspective of what Nav offers, we ordered more than two people can reasonably consume. It wasn't a perfect fit to our preferences but it was good. Good enough to get us bingeing.

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On the binge,
Erwin & Monica


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